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What is the process?

I will do all of the work at your home, unobtrusively, though you or your family are welcome to watch if you wish. I  bring all of my equipment with me and only need a counter or table to work on, plus the use of your sink, stove and an electrical outlet. I am meticulous about sanitizing everything thoroughly as I work.
     I will come to your home twice--once for about 2 1/2 hours to wash and steam the placenta and prepare it to dehydrate overnight. At this time I will make a tincture, if you request one. I will return again the next day for about 2 hours to finish the encapsulation process and leave you with a bottle of placenta capsules.
     Alternatively, I can pick up your placenta and return it to you the next day encapsulated. A $20 fuel surcharge applies for crossing the water(I am in Hampton).

Encapsulation                                                   $150

Tincture                                                             $25

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